Bike Tours Frequently Asked Questions

+Can I bring and use my own bike?
Yes, you can. If you do not wish to rent our bike, you can bring yours. However, our advice is to rent from us. In this way, you can save on luggage weight and your travel is more comfortable.
+Safety of our bike tours
Are Beyond Outdoor Adventures’ Bike Tours safe?

Definitely, yes! Aside from giving you excellent bike tours, we are also committed to your safety and security. We have carefully chosen and reckoned  your destinations prior to your ride.

+What do I need to bring in our bike tour?
Always make sure that you bring all your travel documents to avoid delays and hassles in entering the Philippines.

You do not need to bring bike tools because our tour leaders and local guides always bring them. However, you may want to bring your own in case of an emergency bike failure and our guides are not yet around. Our bike tour leaders bring with them the following:

  1. Multi tools
  2. Spare tubes
  3. Patch kit
  4. Hand pump
  5. Tire Lever
  6. Chain lubricants
  7. Missing link

Our SAG vehicle also carries other bike repair tools and equipments, spare wheel sets, and spare tires.

You may want to bring with you the following:

  1. Medicine – if you are on medication. Although we bring medicines, they are for some common illnesses only like headache, toothache, body pain, fever, cough, LBM and the likes. You may want to bring your own medicines that are specifically prescribed by your doctor.
  2. Helmet – we can provide you with a helmet on your bike tour however, it is recommended to bring your own as helmets are personal necessities in biking.
  3. SPD Shoes – initially, our bikes’ pedals are platform pedals. You can however, change your pedals with a Shimano or SPD based pedals. If you do, please don’t forget to bring SPD shoes.
  4. Trekking Shoes – our bike tours also include trekking so it’s highly recommended bring a pair of trekking shoes.
  5. Dri-fit clothing, jerseys, and padded cycling shorts – wear comfortable clothing as many of our bike tours last for several days. If you need to buy jerseys and cycling shorts, you can buy in our destinations because there are available bike shops.
  6. Jackets or wind breakers – sometimes the weather is unpredictable here in the Philippines. Jackets or wind breakers are highly recommended.

Optional things to bring:

  1. Biking glasses
  2. Gloves
  3. Sun hat
  4. Sun block
  5. Mosquito repellent spray
  6. Toiletries
  7. Personal hygiene
  8. Camera preferably point and shoot
  9. Mountain bike – if you prefer to bring your own and not rent our bike. Please don’t forget to bring special tools for your bikes because we may not have these tools available for you.
  10. Swim wear – some of our bike tours include swimming.
+What are included in your bike tours?

The following are included in our bike tours:

  1. Hotel accommodations
  2. Break fast, lunch, dinner
  3. Fruits, snacks, bottled water, sports drinks while riding
  4. Mountain bike (if you rent a bike from us)
  5. Safety helmet – we highly encourage you to bring your own
  6. Water bottles
  7. Bike maintenance and consumables
  8. Local tour guide for every point of interest
  9. Private security
  10. Support and Gear vehicle
  11. People transport
  12. Boat rental fees if applicable
  13. First round of alcoholic beverages or beer

Any thing we did not mention above is not included and you may settle them with your own money.

+Is Philippines safe?
Generally, the Philippines is a safe country to visit. Filipinos are peaceful and friendly people.

Data from the Department of Tourism shows that there has been a significant increase in the number of foreign tourists that visit the country. This only proves that it is safe to travel in the Philippines contrary to some beliefs. Your safety is on top of our priority.

+What to wear in the Philippines?

The weather in the Philippines most of the time is hot specially in Manila and other low-lying cities and provinces. It is advisable that you wear casual clothes like shirts, blouse, jeans and dress.

Sweater is also recommended during the rainy season. Also, some of our destinations are situated in higher places where the temperature is lower.

+How big is the group?
The minimum riders per bike tour is two while the maximum is 8. For every 4 bikers, one team leader will be assigned. In addition to the group, one or two local mountain bike guides will help you assist while inside the trails. If the group reaches five to eight, the group will be divided into two. Each group has its own tour leader assigned.
+What's the minimum and maximum age?
The minimum age is 18 years old while we do not set the maximum age. If you believe and are still fit to go on mountain biking, we strongly encourage you to ride with us. 17 years old and below should be accompanied by their parents or a guardian.
+How about my baggage and other things?
No problem. We will provide you with SAG vehicle to transport you and your baggage from one destination to another, safely and comfortably.
+How fit should I be to finish a bike tour?
Being fit is very important in our bike tours. However, you do not need to have an elite-level of fitness to conquer the tour. A fair level of fitness will suffice.

If you are already tired and can no longer continue, don’t worry because we have a support vehicle to transport you to our destination. You will still be able to have fun.

Some of the trails are technical and some are not. Having a good handling skills will be a great help. Always remember, “when in doubt, dismount“. There’s nothing wrong with pushing your bikes. In fact, we also push our bikes.

+How about the water? Is it safe to drink?
Basically, yes, the water is safe to drink. However, we do not advice you to drink tap water in your destinations. We will always give you bottled water and also canned/bottled juice and sports drinks like Gatorade. Our SAG and your tour leader always carry extra bottles of drinking water and sports drink.
+What about the food?
In Beyond Outdoor Adventureswe want you to enjoy different scrumptious Filipino food. If you are on a special diet or you are a vegetarian, please notify us in advance so that we can prepare food for you. Kindly bring medicines for your food allergies, if you have, because we may not have that medicine readily available.
+What currency does Philippines use? Do I need Peso upon arrival?
Philippines uses Peso as its currency. Please visit this website to know the latest exchange rate.

Yes! You will need Peso upon your arrival in the Philipines to pay for your taxi fare from the airport to your first hotel and to purchase other things. There will be banks and money changers on our destinations and ATM machines accept credit cards.

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