La Mesa Single Tracks Bicycle Tour

La Mesa Single Tracks Bicycle Tour

Tour Highlights

La Mesa Watershed is home to different species of plants, trees, insects, birds, and other animals. There are tens to hundreds of different kinds of trees that grow in this protected area. It is also the source of drinking water of the people in the nearby towns and the people of Metro Manila.

La Mesa Watershed is the only remaining forest that is situated inside Metro Manila. It has a total of 40 kilometers of connected trails both single tracks and double tracks (fire roads). The best thing is, it is easily accessible from anywhere in the Metro. These make La Mesa Watershed an ideal place for mountain bike adventurers and trail runners who have very limited time, a weekend warrior, and a group or a family who wants to enjoy nature through mountain biking.

Points of InterestAwesome single tracks, La Mesa Lake, Bird Watching (seasonal only), La Mesa Towers
AdventuresMountain Biking
Total Distance40 kilometers / 24 miles
Duration1 Day / Whole Day
Fitness Level out of 5
LocationLa Mesa Watershed, Farview, Quezon City
Group SizeMinimum of 2, Maximum of 8
Tour MeetupBeyond Outdoor Adventures' Office in Makati or Hotel Pickup anywhere in Metro Manila if you arranged for a transportation.
Tour EndsBeyond Outdoor Adventures' Office or your hotel
6:30 AMHotel or house pick up if you availed of our transportation service.
8:00 AMMeet up in La Mesa Watershed parking lot. We will have a short briefing and meet our trail master.
8:30 AMRide out.
11:30 AMEarly lunch in Kawayanan rest stop.
12:30 PMProceed to Tower 1 to complete the “All Towers Ride” for strong bikers. Riders who wish to bailout may do so after the first half of the ride.
4:00 PMBack to the trail head. The ride is finished.

Wash up and prepare to depart La Mesa.

How to get there:

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La Mesa Watershed Parking AreaLa Mesa Lake at the backStrategic rest stops and bike parkings.One of the La Mesa TowresOne of the La Mesa TowresLa Mesa Watershed Single TracksLush vegetation in La Mesa Watershed.Fire roads in La Mesa.Different species of trees in La Mesa.

Five Reasons Why You Should Choose La Mesa Watershed

  1. Safe – the bike trails are properly maintained. Unwanted plants and grasses are removed from the path allowing you to clearly see where you should go. Signs, symbols and directions are strategically placed so you would know where to go.
  2. Secured – The whole forest itself is properly guarded. No outsiders are allowed to enter the forest. Only those who registered are permitted to roam around accompanied by a trail master and a sweeper.
  3. Fresh Air – if you need some fresh air, specially if you are living in Metro Manila, La Mesa Watershed is a best source of fresh air. Remember, it is a forest.
  4. Environmental Contribution – your 200 pesos entrance fee will go to the maintenance of the watershed. This small amount is a big contribution to the environment. The trees of La Mesa Watershed absorb the excessive carbon dioxide in Metro Manila and replacing them with oxygen.
  5. Help is easy to get – if an accident occurs, you had muscle cramps, or too tired already, asking for help is just a radio call away. The trail masters bring radio with them to easily communicate with the admin from the entrance.

The single tracks of La Mesa can cater both beginner and hard-core mountain bikers. Whether it is a half-day or a whole-day of mountain biking you’re after, you can’t go wrong choosing this place.