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Multi-sports Tour and Adventure Vacation Polillo Island

A Perfect Multi-sports Tour and Adventure Vacation

Polillo Island is an island of dreamy beaches, crystal clear water, lush landscape, cold waterfalls, dark and huge cave, and marvelous rock formations. What separates the beaches and islands of Polillo is it is not yet commercialized, preserving the beauty of the place. Polillo Island is a perfect place to engage in a multi-sports tour and adventure vacation.

Get your snorkels and swim suits ready as we embark in a 10-day multi-sports tour and adventure vacation. This multi-sports tour includes, of course, mountain biking, camping, swimming, caving, trekking, snorkeling, bird watching, and island hopping. We will start our journey by exploring several waterfalls in the town of Real, Quezon. By boat, we will transfer to the island of Polillo and bike our way to the simple town of Burdeos. From here, we will explore caves, trek to the waterfalls, swim in the beach, and camp beach front on different islands. This is surely a perfect multi-sports tour and adventure vacation for those who love to do more than just mountain biking.

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Points of InterestLunok Waterfalls, Multi-layered Waterfalls (Balagbag and Malinaw Waterfalls), Real, Quezon Coastline, Pacific Ocean Lagoons, Small and Big Islands, Bird Sanctuary, Caves
AdventuresMountain Biking, Trekking, Swimming, Island Hopping, Spelunking, Snorkeling, Bird Watching
Total Distance200 kilometers / 124 Miles
DurationAvailable in 10 days, 7 days, and 4 days. Please the comparison chart.
Fitness Level out of 5
LocationLaguna and Polillo Island, Quezon Province
Group SizeMinimum of 2, Maximum of 8
Tour MeetupBeyond Outdoor Adventures' Office in Makati or Hotel Pickup anywhere in Metro Manila
Tour EndsBeyond Outdoor Adventures' Office or your hotel


Polillo Island Multi-sports Tour Itinerary

Caliraya AdventureDay 1 – Bike the rolling terrain of Caliraya town while enjoying the picturesque scenery of man-made Caliraya Lake. You can also try several outdoor activities there like kayaking, boat riding, mud sliding and many more. [clear]

Talon Waterfalls, Real, QuezonDay 2 – By bike, we will explore some of the popular waterfalls in Real, Quezon – the Lunok Falls and the Balagbag Falls. We will also visit the fishing village in Infanta where we can buy fish for our dinner. You will also get some chance to learn more about some of the Filipino cultures as we bike around the town.[clear]

Mountain Biking Polillo IslandDay 3 – A three-hour boat ride will lead us to the town of Polillo where we will start the real thing, mountain biking on trails. Enjoy the refreshing scenery of the green rice fields and mountains.


Malinaw Waterfalls (Clear Waterfalls)Day 4 – Today is a bike-and-trek day. We will bike to the trail head in Barangay Aluyon. Approximately, the trek is 3 hours to the Malinaw Falls – a multi-layered waterfalls hidden inside the thick forest of AluyonNot too many people frequent this place because of the challenge in trekking to get there.[clear]

Explore Caves with different species of bats.Day 5 – Day 4 is a mountain biking and caving day. Yes, this is a multi-sports tour and adventure vacation. We will bike and trek to the cave and see for your self different species of bats like the vampire bats. [clear]

Beach front camping in Polillo IslandDay 6 and Day 7 – Today we rest from mountain biking and head to an island where we will set our camp. We will visit and explore 5 to 6 islands per day so get your swim suits and snorkel ready. Polillo Island is also known for its diverse and protected wild life. One notable island is the Minasawa Island which is a protected bird sanctuary. [clear]

Mountain Biking rough terrain of Polillo IslandDay 8 – We now say goodbye to the town of Burdeos as we head back to Manila by a rented 4×4 jeep. But the adventure is not yet over because the ride itself is full of fun. We will ride on bumpy, muddy and rugged terrain. [clear]

One of the several military batteries in Corregidor Island.Day 9 and Day 10: We will have a historic bike tour in the island of Corregidor – an island that once became a US and Filipino military base in the heart of Manila Bay. We will explore the island and learn more about the significant events in the history of World War II. [clear]



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Technical trails going to Burdeos.Beach front camping.Island Hopping.It's more fun in the Philippines.Jump shot. It's more fun in the Philippines.Snorkeling in lagoons of Carlagan.Catholic devotees visit this place every Lenten season.Delicious seafood. Fresh from the sea.Preparing the pig for consumption. Going to the Malinaw Waterfalls.Malinaw Waterfalls.A farmer harvesting his rice.Exploring the cave of Cabugao.



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