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Surf and Turf La Union

Surf and Turf La Union Highlights

The constant flow of rolling swells off the San Juan waters has given La Union a reputation for being a surf Mecca of sorts. Surf resorts have powered the tourism flow for the state for the past four decades. Major events such as the “2012 Surf & Music” festival, co-sponsored by Aloha Boardsports and Beyond outdoors Adventures held right on the beach in San Juan is evidence enough that La Union is a go-to surf destination for years to come. It’s a perfect place to learn and hone ones skill in the art of shred because the swells serendipitously accommodate all levels of skill with a board (long or short).

Here’s something you might not know about La Union; it’s also trail heaven for bikers. There are three major trails in the immediate vicinity, and they all vary in difficulty. There’s a city ride that takes you through two towns, historical places and landmarks, exceptional food stops (the city of San Fernando boasts the best halo-halo in the country, care to dispute their claim?), and your average, run-of-the-mill breathtaking scenery.  The more technical rides are just a few kilometres off the surf shacks. Experience the Bacsil ridge trail and the more daunting (but adrenaline filled) Arosip ecotrail.

Imagine waking up with a seaside view, you grab your board and paddle out to catch a few sets while breakfast is being prepared. After that, you can either impersonate driftwood and veg-out until your next glorious meal or you can hit the swells again. After lunch, you feel a bit soaked, so you hit the trails. Whether you carve dirt or crave shaved ice, the bike ride gives you the added dimension to an already stoke-filled day. As soon as you’re done flying down the side of a mountain, you then proceed to dinner and drinks, looking forward to repeating the day tomorrow. Well, in reverse.

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Points of InterestMacho Temple, Pindangan Ruins, Arosip Eco Trail, Baluarte Watch Tower, Tangaon Falls, Bacsil Ridge and Botanical Garden,
AdventuresMountain Biking, Surfing, Swimming
Total Distance160 kilometers / 99 miles
Duration4 days and 3 night
Fitness Level out of 5
LocationSan Juan, La Union
Group SizeMinimum of 2, Maximum of 8
Tour MeetupBeyond Outdoor Adventures' Office in Makati or Hotel pickup anywhere in Metro Manila
Tour EndsBeyond Outdoor Adventures' Office in Makati or your Hotel anywhere in Metro Manila

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Surf and Turf La UnionSurf and Turf La UnionSurf and Turf La UnionSurf and Turf La UnionSurf and Turf La UnionSurf and Turf La UnionSurf and Turf La UnionSurf and Turf La UnionSurf and Turf La Union


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