Mountain Biking on Roads? Make it More Fun!

Do you mountain bike on road? What I’m asking is if you are using your mountain bike, whether it’s an XC, trail bike or DH bike, on road. A friend call it “roadtain biking“.

For some, mountain biking on roads is boring. They would say that a mountain bike is supposed to be used on mountains, trails or rough roads.

I, for one, mountain bikes on road. I love long rides. Regardless if it is purely road or purely trail. It doesn’t matter to me. This is the reason why I chose a hard tail, cross-country mountain bike. I really like its versatility. You can use it anywhere you want, except, of course, extreme downhill trails.

Honestly, I sometimes feel bored mountain biking on roads – very long roads like Manila to Baguio, specially if the view is not impressive and the air pollution is very high.

Let me make it clear, I said “mountain biking on roads” and not road biking. I don’t own a road bike and I wish I could own one. Also, I’m not trying to make an issue. I know that we all love biking of whatever discipline.

Make Mountain Biking On Roads More Fun

If you only have one bike like me, you don’t have too many choices. So, how do you make mountain biking on roads more fun?

  1. Good friends. Obviously, choose your biking buddy. Perhaps a close friend, a girl or boy friend, or a relative. Or maybe someone with great sense of humor. Anyone that you are comfortable to be with.
  2. Bring a camera. Don’t just bring a camera. Take lots of photos and don’t forget to post them in your favorite social networking websites. This will somehow encourage others to bike.
  3. Do extra outdoor activity. Don’t just bike. Try to do other activities like swimming in waterfalls or swimming pool. The beach would be more perfect. You can also do a short trek if you want. A camping would also be a good idea (if you have time).
  4. Good food. It doesn’t have to be a fine dining. It doesn’t have to be expensive restaurants. What’s important is you are enjoying your food even if it’s just from a local food stand on the street. If you have a tough stomach, you can try a town’s exotic food just to be a little bit different.
  5. Learn again. One must not stop from learning or relearning things. You can go to a museum or art exhibits and try to learn something cool. Aside from museums, you can also do a side trip to some cultural and historical places. Or perhaps visit century-old churches. Our country, the Philippines, is very rich in history and culture. But the truth is, many of us have already forgotten some of the important historical facts we learned from our great teachers. Honestly, I am not exempted here. Nobody is. Unless you have a memory chip inside your head.
  6. Choose where to bike. If you can, choose a place with more scenic views. We have plenty of roads with impressive views. It is just about knowing them. You either go north or you go south. Our country is beautiful. Do you agree?
  7. Different destinations. Don’t mountain bike on the same road week after week. Try a different route or place. Try to explore the nearby towns. We have plenty of good roads.
  8. More friends. The most important thing is you at least try to make new friends. I mean good friends.
  9. Night Rides. Vary your biking hours or days. Do it in the morning or perhaps in the afternoon. And of course, you can also do a night ride. It’s a totally different experience. But be more cautious as it is more risky. Good headlights and blinkers and anything that will make you more visible are a must here.
  10. Safety First. Don’t forget about your safety. Mountain biking on roads is more risky specially in big cities like Metro Manila. Try provincial roads where there are less vehicles. It’s not fun biking if you arrived home with injuries.

There are other ways to enjoy mountain biking on road other than the things I mentioned above. Just be creative and sharing them would be the nicest thing you can do for other bikers. Don’t forget, sharing is fun!

Side trips to make your mountain biking on roads more fun

Side trip to Palo Alto going Sierra Madre Hotel.Palo Alto Resort.Laguna Loop - Visiting a historical site.Dont forget to bring a camera. Going down Taal Volcano.Visiting century-old churches.Visiting a museum. Batac, Ilocos Norte.Eat the best food in town.Calle Crisologo. Vsiting a historical and cultural place.Learn something new. Jar making (Burnayan) in Vigan.Another century-old and historical church in Vigan - Bantay Church.Try the coastal route - Patapat Viaduct.Paoay Church - one of the oldest and historical church in Ilocos.A scenic coastal route in Curimao, Ilocos Norte with great rock formations.Sand boarding in Laoag.Horseback riding in Kapurpurawan.

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