About Us

We present the best of the Philippines.

See the Philippines and experience life on two wheels!

Beyond Outdoor Adventures offers recreational cycling tours, hiking tours and other outdoor adventure tours to different Philippine destinations. We will take you around tourist destinations as well as hidden trails off the beaten path. Take a relaxing trail through picturesque century-old villages or challenging mountainside terrain.

Beyond Outdoor Adventures presents the best of the Philippines. Choose from our line-up of biking, hiking and paddling tours. Professional tour coordinators and trail guides are happy to walk you through any standard or personalized tour product.

Our Mission, Our Passion

1. Offer RESPONSIBLE FUN as we go along various adventures on a bicycle.
2. Promote SUSTAINABLE ECO-TOURISM in Southeast Asia.
3. Be an ADVENTURE DESTINATION beyond one’s limitation.

Our Clients

We are committed to excellent adventure tours.

See the Philippines and experience life on two wheels!

At Beyond Outdoor Adventures, we are committed to excellent cycling tours and superior customer service that helped us build good reputation in the bike tourism industry in the Philippines.

Since 2010, we have been accommodating both local and foreign cyclists from the United States, Singapore, UK, Italy, Switzerland, Australia, France, Israel, South Africa, and Denmark. Our clientele is comprised of individuals, kids, families, and group of friends with whom we share the same passion, biking.

The Philippines

A country full of fun and adventurous destinations.

The Philippines is an archipelago of 7,107 islands. It offers as many outdoor adventures as one can think of. From mountain biking and road cycling, to surfing and swimming fine white sand beaches, to diving splendid reefs, and to climbing majestic volcanoes and mountains, it is undoubtedly sure that there is something for everyone.

The Philippines, aside from rich natural resources, is also rich in culture, distinct traditions, and history to share. Our culture is a mixture of different cultures handed over for centuries by the colonization of Spanish and Americans.

During this fast changing world many Filipinos still practice recognizable and genuine Filipino values, faiths, life style, food, characteristics and traditions. Something that we as Filipinos are truly proud to show and share with you.