Clark Mountain Bike Tour

Clark Mountain Bike Tour

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The Clark Mountain Bike Tour offers the best mountain biking destinations surrounding Angles City, Pampanga, Philippines. The city was a former military base of the United States but was removed after the explosion of Mount Pinatubo in 1991. Angeles City is now a center for business, tourism, aviation, gaming and tourism in the country.

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    Mountain Biking
  • Activity Level Extreme
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    Maximum of 8
All about the Clark Mountain Bike Tour.

Our team will meet you in Angeles City, Pampanga. With them are your mountain bikes and all the supplies for the entire tour like bottled water, sports drink, and all the tools needed to fix a broken bike. If you wish to be picked up in Manila, we will arrange transportation. We will use Angeles City or Clark for 6 days as the base so we eliminate the hassle of checking in and out in hotels.

Your mountain biking adventure in the Philippines starts in Dinalupihan traversing to the town of Subic via a backdoor trail. A short ride but will surely makes your lungs pump harder, your heart beating faster, and your adrenaline raised to the roof.

The Killer Loop Trail is what this trail tells you all about, it’s a killer. Killer uphill trails with stunning view of Mount Samat and its huge cross. But the reward? Adrenaline and hair-raising flowy single tracks.

Mount Pinatubo is actually a hiking destination. But for adventurous people like you, you’ll experience it on a mountain bike which, we strongly believe, is a lot better to do than riding a 4×4 vehicle. Turst us, you will appreciate the natural landscape of Mount Pinatubo more on your mountain bike.

The TRP Trails or Tarlac Recreational Park in San Jose, Tarlac offers a network of farm and village trails. Enjoy open, long, and flowy single tracks. Mingle with the locals and learn about their crops.

The Lakbay 44 Trails is one of the most scenic trails you will experience on two wheel in this mountain bike trip. It is very famous for its historic background dating back to World War II when thousands of Filipino and American soldiers were made to March 100+ kilometers to a prison camp.

After several days of hard riding, we believe that you deserve a treat. In Puning Hot Spring, you will enjoy refreshing and relaxing in hot springs, lahar spa, the mud pack, and buffet lunch. All this, before we leave Angeles going back to Manila.

The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
What is included in this tour?Items that are included in the cost of tour price.
  • Mountain bike with safety helmet
    • inclusive of bike maintenance and consumables
  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
  • Bottled Water
  • Sports Drink
  • Hotel accommodation base on twin-sharing
  • Bike, people and baggage transportation
  • Fruit snacks
  • Hydration
  • Bike Tour Leader
  • Local guide if necessary
  • 4×4 vehicle support (Mount Pinatubo leg)
  • Local trekking guide
  • Optional beverage / alcoholic drinks
  • Water bottles
What is not included in this tour?Items that are not included in the cost of tour price.
  • Personal expenses
  • Travel insurance
  1. Day 1 Subic Trails

    The trails of Subic will allow you to engage the local tribe of Aetas (Ita) who inhabited the Philippines many centuries ago. They are said to be the first inhabitants of the country even before other cultures like Malays and Indos arrived in here.

    Distance: 20 kilometers

  2. Day 2 Killer Loop

    The Killer Loop, a 25-kilometer trail, will give you the thrill of trail riding as we bike on long, fast, and twitchy single tracks.

    Distance: 25 kilometers
    Trail Condition: Long steep trail ascent and descent. Some portions inside the forest are not doable.

  3. Day 3 Mount Pinatubo

    The ride includes biking towards the crater of one of the Philippines’ most beautiful volcano, the Mt. Pinatubo. It became popular when it erupted in 1991 making it one of the most destructive volcanic eruption in the history. Make sure you have enough hydration and trail snacks because the trail is open to the sun and is really hot. Lunch is served at the crater.

    Distance: 55 kilometers
    Trail Condition: Long gradual uphill, volcanic sand all the way to the crater.

  4. Day 4 TRP Trails

    The TRP trails stands for Tarlac Recreational Park. You will be biking on single tracks, limestone formations and farm trails.

    Distance: 30 kilometers
    Trail Condition: Single tracks, flowy, lime stone, and farm trails

  5. Day 5 Lakbay 44 Trails

    You will be traversing the historic trails of Lakbay 44 where the Death March took place during the World War 2. During the Death March, Filipino and American soldiers were made to walk 100 kilometers and the Lakbay 44 trail is part of this unforgettable history.

    Distance: 30 kilometers
    Trail Condition: Some pavements, long single tracks ascent and descent. Dusty trails during hot weather.

  6. Day 6 Puning Hot Spring

    Consider this day as a treat. Relax, rest, and enjoy the local food in the restaurant of Puning.

    After the ride, we’ll travel back to Manila.

    End of the tour.

    Distance: 40 kilometers
    Trail Conditions: Mostly pavement, sandy trail inside Puning Hot Spring like Mount Pinatubo.

Mount Pinatubo Crater
Clark Mountain Bike Tour

We require a minimum of 2 persons for this trip to depart. Contact us if you can not meet the minimum number of participants. We are very flexible in terms of rates.

Our maximum number is 12 persons for each group.

Yes, you can bring and use your own mountain bike. If you choose to bring your own mountain bike in the tour, we will deduct the bike rental fee from your payment.

Yes, there is a support vehicle that carries our supplies, food, and other stuff. In case you become too tired or in cases of emergency you can always ride the vehicle. It is always on stand by.

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