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What Clothes To Wear in Mount Pulag?

There’s no mountain in the Philippines that comes close to the beauty of Mount Pulag. It is so unique that’s why it’s in every hikers’ bucket list of mountains to conquer. And it should be on yours, too! However, one does not simply hike Mount Pulag without proper planning. Or without even thinking what to wear […]

6 Reasons Why Mountain Biking In La Mesa Is Good For You

The La Mesa Watershed is the only remaining forested area in Metro Manila. It is the home of different species of trees, plants, insects, birds and other animals. La Mesa is also the source of clean drinking water of the people of Metro Manila and nearby provinces. Mountain biking in La Mesa is also a great way to […]

9 Day Hike Essentials For Beginners

So, after so many considerations, you finally decided to give hiking a try. Perhaps your friends persuaded you to join them? Or you joined a group hiking trip from a tour operator? You’re next question, probably, is, “what do I need to bring on a day hike?” Since it is your first hike, it is […]

Conquerors of Sleep

I’ve always been a beach bum – mesmerized by the thousand diamonds across a blue blanket – always that postcard moment from that song by Incubus and ever-since I was very young watching The Little Mermaid on repeat, falling asleep to the sight of marine life conservation posters hanging around my room and watching the dolphins […]