Licao-licao Rural Mountain Bike Tour

3 Recommended Mountain Bike Day Trips Near Manila

So, you probably landed in Manila and have a day to spare? Or you just got back from your trips in Coron, Palawan or Cebu and have a day before you fly back to your own country? You love mountain biking and are interested in doing a mountain bike day trip near Manila.

Here are some of the best mountain bike day trips that you can add to your good experiences in the Philippines. We chose these because of their proximity to Manila. They are only within 30 to 60 minutes drive. The ride can be finished in 4 to 8 hours and saves you a lot of time. Perfect if you have very limited time.

1. La Mesa Watershed

Forest trails

The single tracks of La Mesa is number one on our list because it is designed for all types of mountain bikers. Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or an advanced mountain biker, you will enjoy La Mesa. It has a network of trails composed mostly of single tracks and fireroads (dirt roads).

The La Mesa Watershed is the only-remaining forest in Metro Manila. It is a protected area that supplies water to the city.

2. Maarat Trails

Blue Zone Trail

The Maarat Trail, also known as Timberland Trail, is composed of different trails:

  • Blue Zone – which is more suitable for more advanced mountain bikers. This trail has a long gnarly single tracks on the slopes and the sides of the mountain.
  • Green Zone – great for intermediate but this is only a short trail
  • Roxas Trail – fun, long stretch of single tracks.
  • Basic Trail – a dirt road that spans a few kilometers up to the gate of Timberland Heights. This is more suitable for beginner mountain bikers.
  • Table Top – the table top is found at the other side of the mountain. You either go using the long traditional route outside of Timberland Heights or you go using the old trails at the end of the Basic Trail. Table top offers a great view of the nearby mountains like Mount Pamitinan, Mount Binacayan, and Mount Balagbag.
  • Pintong Bukawe / Casili Trail – this is a long dirt road that will lead you to the backdoor river trail of Wawa Dam.

Mountain biking the Maarat Trails will also lead you to the other trails like Pestano Trail, AFP, Nursery Trail, etc.

For advanced mountain bikers, we suggest you do the Blue Zone Trail down to Pintong Bukawe / Casili Trail. This will lead you to Wawa Dam. Here, you’ll enjoy both the mountains and the river. While for intermediate mountain bikers, The Roxas Trail to Wawa Dam will give you the fun mountain biking can offer. For beginners, we suggest you do Basic Trail for safety.

3. Licao-licao Trails

Licao-licao Rural Mountain Bike Tour

A quick way to see the Philippines on a mountain bike is to go on a trip to the Licao-licao Trails. Here, you’ll learn and see more about the lives of the Filipinos in a rural setting.

The trails here are more natural than those in Maarat because you’ll be biking on private farm lands, mango and banana plantations.

This trail is challenging and is more recommended for advanced mountain bikers. The climb to Mount Balagbag is the hardest part of the route but is very rewarding once you reached the summit. It offers a great view of the City of Metro Manila.


We hope that this short article about mountain biking day trips near Manila will help you add more good experiences about the Philippines. If ever you need help about organizing a mountain bike day trip, we will be glad to be of service to you. We have complete logistics to give you all the support that you need on the duration of your trip.