Mount Batulao Hiking Tour

I’m A Beginner. Can I Hike Mount Batulao?

Hike Mount Batulao

Quick answer, yes you can! Provided you are in good health and physically fit. You can stop reading from here. But the information here is free, so keep reading.

Educate Your Self and be a Better Hiker

First and foremost, we highly recommend that you educate your self first about mountaineering. There are tons of blogs out there that you can read about this topic. In our hiking tours, we can not discuss all these things about mountaineering because a basic mountaineering course will take a day or two to complete. We do, however, remind our hikers about the basic concepts of hiking before we begin.

Educating your self about the things you love to do, in this case, hiking, will help you:

  • make your self a better hiker and a better person, in general
  • keep your self away from danger during hikes
  • keep away from injuries that you may incur when hiking or worse, death
  • prepare your self mentally and physically
  • improve your attitude during hikes
  • become a more responsible hiker

Going back to the question, a beginner with no prior hiking experiences can hike Mount Batulao. If you are afraid, don’t be. We’ve guided beginners there in multiple occasions and they did reach the summit. Hiking Mount Batulao is easy as far as we are concerned. However, we advise that you do not take hiking any mountain lightly. We are not scaring you but hikers have died there because of carelessness.

Two Trails of Mount Batulao – The Old Trail and The New Trail

Open but fun trails in Mount BatulaoThere are two trails going up the summit of Mount Batulao. The first trail is the Old Trail (traditional trail) and the other is the New Trail.

For beginners, we highly advise that you avoid the Old Trail. Doing this route is physically challenging and lung-busting especially after the camp site. The trail is very steep and slippery with lots of loose rocks and pebbles. So for the meantime, avoid this trail. Allow your self to develop confidence and hiking muscles first before you climb this route.

Take the New Trail hiking up to the summit instead. It’s way easier than the Old Trail. There are several steep hills but not difficult and not as dangerous as the Old Trail. In fact, each hill has a trail that goes around it. You don’t need to climb each of the peak.

The New Trail is open to the sun with tall grasses on both sides. There are several stores along the trail so snacks and hydration is not a problem. There is also a community before the actual trail so getting help is easy.Open but fun trails in Mount Batulao

The harder part is after you’ve reached the camp site at Peak 7 and 8. You have to be more observant and careful here. There are a couple of roping involved that you have to tackle. Also, there are several loose portions that’s only a foot away from the ravine. It’s scary at first bu you can always ask for the help of your tour leader or local guide.

The summit offers a breath-taking 360 view of the towns of Batangas. Go ahead and take a selfie and immediately post on your Instagram or Facebook. There’s a signal at the summit.

When going down, we suggest that you go down via  the New Trail. This is easier than the Old Trail. It’s also easier to get help if you get injured or you needed assistance.

Mount Batulao Hiking Tour

There you go. First step in hiking mountains, not necessarily Mount Batulao, is to educate your self. Improve your knowledge, skills and your attitude. Even without a hiking experience you can hike Mount Batulao. But don’t make it an excuse not to do your research.

Now go hike Mount Batulao even if this is your fist mountain.