I’m A Beginner, Can I Hike Mount Pulag?

We always receive a lot of questions from our beginner clients if they can already hike Mount Pulag. The quick answer is NO and we always advise them not to rush.

While the Ambangeg Trail is an easier option as compared to the trails of Akiki, the long hike and the weather in Mount Pulag are the biggest factors to consider.

The Ambangeg Trail is comparable to that of Mount Ulap minus the mossy forest, the grassland, and the mud. It is more of a long gradual walk than a climb, around 4 hours up to the summit. Going down is about the same. Remember that these are just approximates. The time depends on the pacing of the group, how often you rest, and how much selfies you take.

Dwarf bamboos close to the summit of Mount Pulag

Preparing for a Hike in Mount Pulag

We believe that preparation is always the key to a successful hiking trip in Mount Pulag or in general. Whether it’s a day hike, overnight, or a multi-day hike in the Philippines, nothing beats a prepared hiker.

  1. First, learn about Basic Mountaineering Course or BMC. Attend a group that teaches this course. Or you can search the internet and read about it. Put what you have learned not just in your head but also in your heart. Taking the BMC course will help you become a more responsible and prepared hiker.
  2. Second thing that you need to do is to gain muscular endurance and stamina for a long hike lasting more than 8 hours. Do training hikes. Start with easy hikes like Mount Manalmon or Mount Batulao. In this way, you’ll also gain experiences about hiking or mountaineering itself. If you don’t have much time to hike, we suggest that you make walking a habit. If you can’t walk to your school or office for whatever reason you have, why do you think you can hike a mountain like Mount Pulag?
  3. Cross training is also a great way to prepare for that long Mount Pulag hike. You can do one of the following:
    1. Running / Jogging – you can run/jog 2 to 3 times a week as training. This will allow you gain stamina very quickly and will help you build stronger leg muscles.
    2. Mountain biking – helps you build powerful legs and stamina.
    3. Weight Lifting combined with cardio workout – perfect for those who can’t run outdoor or do not have a mountain bike. Exercises like dead lift, squats, walking lunges, bench presses, and shoulder presses are great exercises that will build both of your upper and lower body muscles. Combine this with cardio exercises like running on treadmill or cycling on stationary bike will surely boost your endurance and stamina fast.
  4. Invest in proper hiking attire like rain proof jacket and quality hiking shoes. You can learn more about what to wear if you’re hiking Mount Pulag here especially if you are on a limited budget. It doesn’t have to be expensive. If you can’t afford those expensive waterproof jackets, go to Divisoria and find one. Always remember that it is always cold there and the weather is always changing. It may rain with strong winds even if the forecast in the area from Kuya Kim is sunny.

Like any other outdoor sports or activities, hiking Mount Pulag without proper training and planning can bring you injuries or can cause you your life (knock on wood). Don’t rush in hiking Mount Pulag. The mountain is just there and will never leave. Prepare your self first so you can be sure to enjoy your Mount Pulag hiking trip.

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  • Jennie Francisco

    Thank you for sharing these things. Anyhow, do you arrange for joiners or group hike for Mt. Pulag? Thank you.