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Is Hiking Mount Ulap Appropriate For Me?

You might be thinking of hiking Mount Ulap one of these days. Your problem is you are not sure if you are fit enough to finish the trail. You have a lot of questions about the difficulty of Mount Ulap’s trail and you don’t know what to expect. If you want to learn more, keep reading.

Mount Ulap is found in Itogon, Benguet. Its summit is 1846 MASL (meters above sea leavel). The jump off point is approximately 23+ kilometers from Baguio City. Aside from Mount Santo Tomas, in our opinion, Mount Ulap is the closest mountain to hike if you want to experience the mountains of Cordillera Mountain Range. That is if you are living in low land cities like Metro Manila.

While Mount Ulap is easy enough for most hikers, it is always a good idea to scale your self first before heading there. Here are some scenarios that we can think of:

1. You are a beginner and this is your first time hiking Mount Ulap

Mount Ulap Hiking Trip

Should you hike Mount Ulap? No. Not yet. Do an easier hike like Mount Manalmon or Mount Batulao via the New Trail first. Gain more experiences and strength first before doing this. Speaking from our experience, we have guided first time hikers in Mount Ulap but ended up struggling. They finished the traverse to Philex Mining Road but didn’t enjoy the last part of the hike. You may end up the same and waste time and money.

2. You are a beginner but you are physically active

We’ve had beginner clients who are very active. They run or regularly work out in the gym but they were first time hikers. If you are this type of guy, we believe that you can finish the Mount Ulap traverse with ease.

3. You are a couch potato who thinks about starting an active lifestyle

Beautiful pine tree forestNo. Don’t attempt hiking Mount Ulap right away. We are not judging you, but there is a huge chance you’ll have a hard time engaging the trail. You will struggle big time. Build your stamina and leg endurance first.

4. You have hiked several mountains near Manila without difficulty

By all means, go ahead. Join and enjoy a hiking Mount Ulap trip. It’s always best to join an organized trip though, of course, you can do a DIY.

5. This is your second mountain to hike

If you’ve hiked Mount Batulao or Mount Maculot without complaining about the trail’s difficulty, we believe you can finish the traverse. But if you complained or find these mountains very challenging, you should probably hike more easier mountains first. Like any other physical activities, wait until you’ve significantly improved your endurance and stamina.

6. You’re coming back from a very long hiatus and haven’t tried Mount Ulap before

It’s really hard to tell but it’s always a good idea to do training hikes again. A few times will probably do since you’ve experienced hiking before. Remember that our muscles’ endurance and cardiovascular strength go back to their relax states if we are not training them regularly. It’s like going back to the beginning. The good thing is that we easily regain our strength if we so decide to come back because of our previous training experiences. We know exactly how to restart and what to do and so our body is easier to train.


There you go. We hope that this post about hiking Mount Ulap helps you with your future plans. If the scenarios don’t apply to you, you may want to share it on the comment section below.

Hiking Mount Ulap is probably the best option you have to experience the mountains of Cordillera Mountain Range. If you haven’t hiked it before, we highly recommend you do your best to experience it. Go train and hike.