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6 Reasons Why Mountain Biking In La Mesa Is Good For You

The La Mesa Watershed is the only remaining forested area in Metro Manila. It is the home of different species of trees, plants, insects, birds and other animals. La Mesa is also the source of clean drinking water of the people of Metro Manila and nearby provinces. Mountain biking in La Mesa is also a great way to escape the hustle and bustle of Metro Manila.

We’ve already done many mountain bike tours in La Mesa and we just keep on coming back. We never got tired of its amazing and challenging single tracks.

Reasons Why Mountain Biking In La Mesa Is Good For You

Here are our reasons why we love mountain biking in La Mesa:

  1. Safe – nobody lives there but the rangers theme selves. Meaning it is safe from people with malicious intentions. It’s also safe from animal attacks like dogs. We’ve had our fair share of dogs chasing on us while biking. You don’t want to be chased by angry, territorial dogs. We’ve been chased by dogs in Licao-licao and Silang Trails and it was a scary experience.
  2. Donation for the Environment – your P200 entrance fee will serve as your donation for the maintenance of the watershed and the bike trails. Remember, if you are from Metro Manila, this is where you get your drinking water. We’ll technically, the water is coming from Ipo Dam. It doesn’t source its own water. We personally feel that it is our responsibility to maintain the watershed by contributing a little amount of our income.
  3. Easy to get help – in case of emergencies like bad fall, leg cramps, or any reason that you can not continue mountain biking, help is just a radio call away. The La Mesa rangers/guides bring with them radios to communicate with the admins at the gate and other guides. Calling for help is very easy. A vehicle will come and pick you up at the nearest trail exit.
  4. Guided – each group is assigned with a guide or two, depending on how big the group is. One guide can handle up to 10 mountain bikers. They are very knowledgeable about the trails and know the exits and entrances.
  5. Well-maintained – your donations help in the maintenance of its network of trails. Grasses and unwanted plants are removed on the bike paths. Strategically positioned signs and directions can be seen so you’ll never get lost if in case you’re separated from your group.
  6. Fresh air – La Mesa is a forest and is a great source of fresh air as well. You’ll see there different species of small and huge forest trees. They also continuously plant trees like Nara.

La Mesa trail is for everyone

One of the several rest stopsLa Mesa can accommodate all types of bikers. Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced bikers.

You don’t need to have a super fit, do-all-you-can type of body to enjoy a La Mesa mountain bike tour. A beginner can enjoy and finish the 20-kilometer trail. The route is composed of not-so-technical single tracks and fire roads. You can tell your guide to take you to the “View Deck” and enjoy the nice view of the dam.

If you’re an advanced cyclist, you may opt for the 40-kilometer trail or the “All Towers Ride”. This route is difficult enough to elevate your heart rate and cause your leg muscles to sore. Make sure you bring enough water and trail food with you.

If you haven’t gone mountain biking in La Mesa, you should give a try and tell us your story in the comments section below.