Where To Mountain Bike in Manila to Maximize Your Vacation?

You’ve probably traveled half of the world to find that perfect mountain biking adventure you’re looking for. The Philippines is blessed with different types of terrain that suits every type of mountain biker. This post will give you idea where to mountain bike in Manila to maximize your vacation. If you are the type of traveler who loves multi-sports type of adventures like mountain biking, hiking, and swimming keep reading.

We picked these mountain biking destinations near Manila because of their proximity to the city where you are probably checked in or landing from your country. The travel time from Manila or Makati is between 1 to 1.5 hours to the jump off point. Perfect if you want to avoid long travels and maximize your vacation.

Where To Mountain Bike in Manila

1. Daraitan and Tinipak River

Laiban DamMountain biking Daraitan is number one in our list because of the varieties of activities that you can do there. It is approximately 1.5 hours from Manila to the jump off point in Tanay, Rizal.

How’s the riding like? You will be mountain biking on dirt roads, single tracks and plenty of river crossings. The ride starts on a long downhill dirt road leading to a small community of Laiban. There are so many selfie-worthy views along the way revealing the beautiful mountains of Tanay, Rizal. The fun part here is you’ll cross knee-deep rivers with your mountain bike many times.

One of the highlights of the tour is the abandoned dam project where you have to cross the tunnel to get to the other side of the hill. It’s creepy because it’s so dark inside. The only light you will get is from the other side of the tunnel.

Part of your adventure in Daraitan is the easy 40-minute trek to Tinipak River. Here you can swim in the river and enter the cave. The cave is about 100 meters long and at the end is the cold underground river. Climbing the summit of Daraitan is not possible because of the constraints in time. The possible alternative is Mount Mamara which is only an hour to reach the peak.

“Mountain biking Mount Daraitan is like a complete package. You get to enjoy mountain biking, hiking, caving, and swimming.”

2. Santa Inez Waterfall

Almost a never ending river crossings.The Santa Inez Waterfall locally known as Kinabuan Waterfall is also located in Tanay, Rizal. Since it’s found in the same town, it features the same kind of landscape, only more beautiful and more technical than Daraitan in terms of biking. While biking, you can learn a lot about this village like the crops, plants, and vegetables they produce.

The last 5 kilometers of the route is probably the hardest and the most technical. There are several short portions that you will have to push your bike because of loose rocks.

You’ll be crossing a lot of rivers before you reach the small village of the Dumagats. They are one of the first inhabitants of the Sierra Madre Mountain Range. There is a short trek to the Kinabuan Waterfall from the village where you can enjoy swimming.

3. Taal Volcano – The Smallest Volcano in the World

Taal VolcanoIf technical biking/riding is not your thing, we highly recommend the Taal Volcano Bike Tour. It is the world’s smallest volcano. However, you need to have a good endurance level because of the long climb to Tagatay.

You’ll be riding on private farmlands like coconut, coffee, and pineapple plantations. The route is mostly composed of cemented road on gradual but long uphill up to Tagaytay City. At Tagaytay ridge, you’ll be able to see the beauty of Taal Lake and all the small islands. The last part of the route is a long cemented downhill road to Talisay town.

Your last activity is a hike to Taal Volcano’s crater but before you get there there is a 20-minute boat ride. It’s a short and gradual hike, only about 40 minutes. At the summit, enjoy the beautiful view of the crater lake.

4. Bike and Hike Mount Balagbag

Going down Mount BalagbagIf you prefer challenging climbs, then mountain biking Mount Balagbag is for you. It’s one of the toughest mountain biking climb near Manila. The mountain is also popular among hikers. The route is mostly composed of long trails and dirt roads. Because of it’s difficulty, it’s not recommended for beginners and those without prior trail experience.

If you find it too difficult for you, then you have an option to just hike Mount Balagbag. Once at the summit, you’ll see the city of Metro Manila. So, if you prefer challenging trails and climbs, Mount Balagbag is highly recommended if you want to maximize your vacation.


If you’re looking for a mountain bike day tour near Manila, then these places are highly recommended. They are only an hour to an hour and a half from the heart of the city. Choose the destinations you wish to bike. Consider the activities you that you really enjoy and of course your endurance and handling skills because some of them may not be appropriate for you.