Summit of Mount Pulag

What Clothes To Wear in Mount Pulag?

There’s no mountain in the Philippines that comes close to the beauty of Mount Pulag (in our opinion). It is so unique that is why it is in every hiker’s bucket list of mountains to conquer. It should be on yours, too! But one does not simply hike Mount Pulag without proper planning. Hiking Mount Pulag via the Ambangeg Trail is easy. You only need to walk 3 to 4 hours. That’s it. But what makes it difficult to hike is its always-changing weather and very cold temperature. You, as a responsible hiker, must be prepared for that unless you want to suffer from hypothermia.

If you care for your safety, keep reading.

What do you need to wear if you want to hike Mount Pulag?

  1. Hiking shoes
    We always recommend a good pair of hiking shoes. Those with threaded sole for added traction. Most of the time, the trail after Camp 2 is always wet and muddy. A good pair of shoes with good traction give you confidence walking on those muddy trails. Not only that, it gives your feet more comfort for thw 8 to 10-hour hike.
  2. Thick pair of socks
    Aside from your shoes, your thick socks gives you extra shield against the cold. It also provides extra cushion. Remember that it takes more or less 10 hours to complete the hike (it’s back and forth).
  3. Hiking pants
    We don’t recommend a hiking shorts for Mount Pulag. We always recommend wearing a pair of hiking pants. It’s designed to allow your legs to move freely and cover your lower body. And no! Don’t wear jeans, please.
  4. A pair of gloves
    Your hands will freeze if you don’t wear a pair of gloves. That’s sure to happen.
  5. Several layer of clothes
    If you don’t have a thermal jacket to keep you warm during your hike, several layers of clothes will do. We’re not talking about 2 layers, we are talking about 4 or 5 layers of clothes and jackets. For example; 2 layers of cotton shirts, 2 layers of long sleeves, and rain proof jacket. Long sleeves with fleece are better because it’s warmer. You don’t need to wear all of them at the same time while you’re hiking and moving because your body is producing enough body heat. You’ll be needing them while you are at the summit watching the sea of clouds and waiting for that perfect sunrise.
  6. Thermal Jacket
    The issue with thermal jackets is they are very expensive and very thick. It consumes a lot of space in your bag. If you have one, bring it and wear it.
  7. Rain Proof Jacket , Poncho, or Rain Coat
    Rain proof jackets can also be very expensive but it really helps if you have one. It’s very important that you keep yourself warm during the hike in Mount Pulag. If budget is an issue, a poncho or a rain coat will do.
  8. Bonnet
    The low temperature and high altitude of Mount Pulag can cause your ears to freeze and ache. It’s called pressure pain. Make sure they are covered, too.
  9. Buff
    You can use buff in many different ways. One good use of it is to cover your mouth and nose.
  10. Eyewear
    An eyewear is optional since most of the time, you’ll be hiking in the dark. Hike from Mount Pulag starts at around 1AM or 2AM to catch the sunrise. About 4am if you are camped at the camp site.

If you forget to bring one of the items above don’t worry. There are stores outside the DENR office and at the Ranger Station that sell them.

This is not a perfect guide on what clothes to wear in Mount Pulag however, it gives you the idea that you should not take the weather of Mount Pulag very lightly. Hikers have suffered from hypothermia on that mountain simply because they were wearing inadequate and the wrong clothes.

Always remember that the temperature in Mount Pulag summit goes as low as 4 degrees Celsius. Sometimes lower. The rain and strong wind can aggravate the situation. If you don’t want to suffer from hypothermia, you must wear the right clothes. No questions asks. No buts and ifs.

Hope you can share your ideas on the comments section below. Let us know your technique about staying warm and dry in Mount Pulag. Remember, sharing is caring!