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Mount Maculot Summit

Where to Hike Near Manila? Tips for Foreign Hikers

If you are in Manila or Makati area and you find your self wanting to hike, these are our recommendations for you. There are many other mountains near Manila but we only picked what we think is worth your vacation. Hope this helps you find your next Manila hiking tour. Why did we pick these hiking destinations in Manila? Proximity from Manila or Makati - these places are within 1 to 2…

Hiking Mount Maculot

What It’s Like Hiking Mount Maculot?

So you've decided to start hiking and probably got your self a new pair of hiking shoes. And you picked Mount Maculot to hike. Not a good choice for a starter but if you really are determined to hike it, what can we do? For the record, we don't recommend Mount Maculot for first timers because the hike will be a huge challenge for you. We recommend something easier like Mount…