Cindy Toraya and Alessandra Incarbone – South Luzon MTB Tour

“First, we enjoyed the trip very much. April and Alan did a wonderful job taking care of us. Jess transported us safely everywhere and has a great sense of humor that we enjoyed.” I commend you all on the good work and your commitment to providing excellent tours!

We liked having 2 guides (though Alan had to leave early for another trip). We liked very much that we had a local guide in each place in addition to our main guides who knew the area well. Having more than one guide was important, as we found out, when Alessandra had a fall and needed to go back while I was enjoying the technical trail on the last day of riding in Legazpi. April was able to take her back and they could enjoy the time before lunch leisurely together, allowing this incident not to ruin her day. I was able to go on with Chippy, the local guide, along with another guide he brought, so that I could have a fun time on the trail. If there had only been one guide, this could have been a very disappointing day. So, we highly encourage you to continue this trend. With mountain biking tour, the van/car cannot follow behind, so it does seem very important to have extra people/guides for the guests.

The food was excellent and all guides were great at ordering and allowing us to try different foods. This was also a highlight of the trip.

The bikes were VERY good bikes. This is MUCH appreciated. Full suspension on some of the trails was very helpful since some were pretty rocky. Without good equipment, a trip can also be ruined. We have always had good equipment on these tours. Thank you for that and continue the good work!

Most of the hotels were great. The last night at the Venezia was wonderful. The Hidden Valley Springs Resort was also great. Customer service was amazing at these hotels! The place at the Belle View in Tagaytay was truly amazing with an incredible view and an entire apartment.

Another highlight for us was the Intramuros walking tour on the first day. Keep this!  This was great information and entertaining.